A standard material, easy to work with for carpenters, wood is one of the trendy materials for the home. It is suitable for carpentry and joinery as well as for interior and exterior furniture. Craftsmen also work, like true artists, to give strength and aesthetics to joinery and furniture made of natural or treated wood.

Quality wood for carpentry and exterior joinery

Wood is one of the trendy materials for the house. For the construction of a house, it is true that most people opt for materials such as brick, slate ... Despite this, wood remains ubiquitous and is used for various parts of the house including the frame supporting the roof, doors and windows, the ceiling and sometimes the floor. For these types of construction, it is customary to use hardwoods such as acacia, wenge, ash ... These wood species are robust and have a high hardness. These woods are sawn, well dried and have finishing operations such as sanding and varnishing, before being used.

Excellent wooden furniture in the house

Wood is king in the home, mainly when it becomes furniture. Despite the existence of furniture models in materials such as metal, melamine surfaced panel or plastic, wood furniture continues to appeal. In this respect, wood is one of the trendy materials that captivate and hold the attention. The most common wood species used to design furniture are softwoods such as Douglas fir, spruce, pine ... Species such as teak, birch and acacia are also used to design robust furniture. Wooden furniture is treated against wood borers, then varnished or painted before being offered for sale.

Wooden outdoor furniture

Wood is still one of the trendy materials for designing outdoor furniture. People want to design wooden bungalows or terraces for weekends, aperitif evenings and kebab parties. Wooden benches, deck chairs, swings and rocking horses are installed on the yard or garden side. All wooden furniture to be installed outdoors is treated against the weather before installation, including the use of oils, stains and paints. Among the main species for the elaboration of outdoor furniture are black locust, chestnut, larch, etc.