Published on : 10 December 20213 min reading time
Want to decorate a room in your home, while making it sublime, there is nothing better than to install a curtain rod. Even if you do not have skilled hands in DIY, even if you do not have specific tools in the field, it is still possible to install your curtain rod yourself, provided that you follow a few essential steps.

First step: preparing for the installation of the curtain

First and foremost, the installation of curtain rods can be done in three different ways, surface, wall to wall or ceiling. The first solution (the wall-mounted installation) remains the most classic, while the second (wall-to-wall) is the ideal solution when the walls surrounding the window are very close. In addition, if the space between the window and the ceiling is very small, it is advisable to install a curtain rod in the ceiling. In any case, the ideal is always to start with the preparation of the location of the material supports. Thus, it is important to identify and then mark with a pencil the points of attachment of your curtain rod. To do this, you can use a cleat, a long straight edge and without forgetting the famous spirit level. By the way, try to respect a distance of at least 10 cm between the angle of reinforcement of the support plate and the window. This will ensure the durability of the installation.

Second step: fixing the rod supports

In this step, you are required to place the rod holders on the various markings you made earlier. During this time, do not forget to mark with your pencil the areas for the screws. After that, you need to drill holes on each mark, using a drill equipped with a bit carefully adapted to the type of wall of your house. Once the holes are well and truly made, you must now drive the dowels for the fixing. Please note that the dowels must also be adapted to the type or nature of your wall. After that, all you have to do is screw in all the brackets with your screwdriver.

Third step: cutting the curtain rod

Once the brackets are well and truly installed, the next step is to cut the curtain rod. In this sense, if your rod seems to be too long, you must carefully block it in a mitre box, before cutting it into the desired length with a saw. For your information, you should know that there are models of extendable rod with a slightly smaller diameter. This allows you to unfold it easily so that it can reach the perfect length for the installation of curtain rods. Once this is done, all you have to do is install the curtains, threading the rings on the rod and before placing the rod on all supports.