Published on : 10 December 20217 min reading time
A round extendable table allows you to give a touch of originality and elegance to your dining room. It is often called a modular table, extendable table or sometimes a lift table. It adapts to all styles of interior design and all types of homes (contemporary or traditional architecture). It combines comfort, practicality and aesthetics. But how to choose the right model? Decorating and furnishing specialists can provide you with more details about an extendable table. They can also give you some professional advice to help you make the right choice.

Expandable round table: increase your seating capacity

An expandable round table is becoming a must-have accessory in a dining room and even outdoors. You can even install it in the garden or on the terrace. Ideal for furnishing your dining room, it adapts perfectly to all your needs. It is well suited for a couple’s lunch or a dinner with the whole family. Simply spread out your dining table and add the extensions to increase your seating capacity. Your table can then accommodate four to sixteen guests with a few simple moves. You will have an embarrassment of choice of expandable round table on the market. You can discover directly online a wide range of “expandable round tables”, practical and easy to modulate furniture.

Moreover, a modular table can be declined in different models and colors that can match all tastes and all dimensions (style, shape, finish). Whether it is for a more traditional or modern decoration, it perfectly meets all your desires. It is really excellent to gather family and friends. It reinforces the conviviality and also allows to save space. Indeed, you can store it in a small corner after removing the extensions. You can set it up quickly if you are planning to have guests. In a word, a round extendable table can be adapted to any event and environment.

What model of round expandable table to choose?

Many models of extendable tables remain visible on the market. But, they differ according to various criteria (materials, shapes, number of extensions, size, etc.). The most common materials are wood, plastic, metal and glass. Another criterion is the shape of the table. The rectangular model is the one most often chosen, because this shape is rather simple, universal and functional. However, the extendable table can also be round or square. A round table generates a great conviviality and offers an aesthetic and original design. The number of extensions and their placement varies from one model to another. For extension leaves placed at the ends of the table, two extension leaves are usually sufficient. However, the number of extension cords in the center of the table will vary depending on the length of the table.

The number of people and the frequency of use are important factors in choosing the perfect table. Choose the size according to the space available. Remember that a round table becomes oval when extended. Opt for a size that is neither too wide nor too long. You should also choose a range of tables that offer a good compromise. It is very advisable to match the style of your table with your interior decoration. For example, choose a contemporary, minimalist, cozy, pure design, etc.

Characteristics of an extendable table

For extendable tables, several extension systems are possible, notably integrated extensions and detachable extensions. For tables with integrated extensions, they have tops that are invisible when folded. They are attached by hinges to each end of the table. You can find a folding, collapsible or sliding system. The wallet or butterfly extension table is an easy, retractable and quick mechanism. The table top is equipped with one or more rotating extensions to be unfolded. This system remains the most aesthetic compared to the others, because it is more discreet and invisible.

For extendable tables with detachable extensions, the tops must be removed and stored in another place when not in use. If you want to expand your table, pull the two ends of the main table top apart and slide the extensions into the space. The extensions can be located on either side of the table using the slides attached to the underside of the tabletop. These various extension systems allow you to save more space in limited spaces (student room or apartment for example). Once unfolded, it is a real dining table.

Main advantages of an extendable table

A round extendable table has many advantages. It remains of course the most convivial model, because nobody is at the end of the table. Ideal for small spaces, it adapts to all situations. In a living room or a studio that does not allow to place a dining table, a modular coffee table remains another resolution to have a very comfortable dining area. Unfolded, you can use it to eat quietly, and once folded, it is a simple beautiful coffee table.

An expandable round table is a compact piece of furniture that doesn’t take up much space when folded. It can come in two forms: a small table or a console. It is equipped with a mechanism that facilitates its handling in everyday life. A console table offers a sober and design aesthetic that can be integrated into all types of interiors. Once unfolded, it can receive several guests, because it has large dimensions. It is really stable and can be combined with any type of chair (standard or folding).

Opt for a round extendable table to host your guests

An extendable table remains the most practical table to welcome your guests, because it has a fairly large capacity. But, don’t forget the decorative aspect when you choose your furniture. Choose a round extendable table to enhance your dining room, your kitchen, your living room, etc.. It is currently a design and trendy furniture. A modular round table is traditionally placed in a dining room. But it can be adapted to any place, it is well suited to the kitchen or the veranda. If you want to use it, just open its top and install one or more extensions to double its seating capacity. It all depends on how much space you have in the room.

The extendable table remains a piece of furniture that can be small or normal size. This table is experiencing a considerable boom since the fashion has taken its place in the design of interiors. A wide range of modular tables remains visible on the market, whether for round, square or rectangular shapes. They come in several colors and styles (modern, rustic, Scandinavian, industrial, etc.) to match all styles of decoration. It is up to you to choose the appropriate model for your interior design.

Thus, a round extendable table is an essential piece of furniture to furnish small spaces. It can be used in a dining room, a kitchen or even a bedroom. It can be presented in two formats, alternating between console and desk formats. It will be used more or less regularly depending on your needs. Choose a sturdy and reliable table.