There's nothing more stressful than finding shoes scattered everywhere. Luckily it's possible to design a storage unit yourself, with DIY shoe cabinet. This initiative will save you money while allowing you to unleash your creativity. Here's a guide to making custom shoe furniture.

Start by imagining a design

To carry out the DIY shoe furniture, you need to imagine the model to be made. The choice is vast and depends on your own objectives: space saving, design, etc. You can bet on a ladder shelf where you will display all your beautiful shoes. Nothing prevents you from creating a design furniture for your entrance, simple storage objects, crates with wheels, etc. It's time to put your creativity to work. Moreover, personalized models are not rare: pallet shoe rack, PVC tubes, crates with wheels, etc.

The necessary materials

The success of a shoe cabinet depends on the use of certain materials. Depending on the model of furniture you want, you may need wood glue, a painter's knife, a carpenter's pencil, a square and a tape measure. Among the items you need to have on hand are a chisel, sandpaper, wood putty, a drill and screwdriver, a ruler and masking tape. Do not forget the boards or PVC elements, the jigsaw, the clamp and the screws.

Carry out all the steps

The first step is to prepare the elements to be assembled to form the furniture. They can be based on wood, PVC, metal, etc.. Then you need to make a drawing of the location of the shelves. To facilitate the task, it is advisable to make a tracing on each side. Then comes the step of marking the place of the screws on the outside of the furniture. You will then only have to drill and countersink the pilot holes. Assemble all the pieces of the shoe furniture! The decorative finish is to be done according to your own taste. You can opt for varnish, paint, stain, etc. To emphasize a contemporary and industrial style at the same time, choose a metal color paint.