The right choice of bedding is of paramount importance, because it is the guarantee of a good sleep which the body needs to recover from a hard day. To do this, you need to focus on certain criteria: the most important are quality and material. But the size and the colors are not negligible for a better decoration of the room.

The functions of bed linen

The bed linen or bedding includes sheets, comforter covers, flat sheets, sets, pillowcases, etc. Its first role is to protect all the accessories of your bed against time, that is to say to ensure their durability. Secondly, it is also part of the decoration of your interior, so you should not minimize its presence. Indeed, it gives not only comfort, but also aesthetics to your bedroom. But most importantly, the bedding allows for easier maintenance of your home. Dirt and mildew will not have time to take root.

Choose according to quality and material

So, in order to fulfill its role, you must choose the bed linen well. The first point to consider is the quality. This means choosing bedding according to the season to get the most out of it. Cotton, for example, is ideal in the warm season, as it breathes and absorbs moisture. Soft and comfortable, it is also hypoallergenic whether it is a flat sheet or a cover. The cotton flannel on the other hand is ideal in cold weather, because it is fluffy, insulating and retains heat. Linen is a difficult material to wear. In fact, its hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory qualities make it an excellent bedding in summer as well as in spring.

Choosing according to size and taste

You must choose the dimensions of your linen according to those of your bed and your mattress so that it can really protect your things. For example, a single bed would need a 140*200cm flat sheet or fitted sheet. There are many colors and patterns to choose from but the choice depends on your taste and the style of your home. Dark colors for a contemporary style or modern with geometric shapes to break the usual. If you like simplicity and clean style, pastel colors will do the trick.