You have just bought wall shelves for your home. However, you have trouble understanding how to install it properly. Don't panic! Indeed, there is nothing easier than installing a wall shelf in a house, as long as you use the right tools, choose the right location and finally find the right mounting bracket.

The tools you need to install a wall shelf

Before you set out to install your wall shelf, please first take the time to prepare the necessary tools for DIY work. For example, you will need a measuring tape for measurements, a pencil to mark the locations and most importantly a spirit level to ensure the quality of the installation. To install a wall shelf with drilling, you obviously need a drill, dowels and screws. If necessary, you may also need a hammer.

Think about the location of your shelf

Apart from the tools, you should also think about where you want to install your wall shelf. Yes, there is nothing more annoying than to change your mind and then start all over again just because the location is not inspiring once the shelf is installed. During this step, you can also start by taking measurements and marking the drilling areas or the ideal location with your pencil. Once you have done this, take the time to check that all the points and marks are aligned, otherwise you will end up with a tilted shelf.

Installing your wall shelf according to the type of support or fastening

You've gathered all the tools you need for the job. You have found the ideal location that meets your desires and preferences. All that's left to do is to install your wall-mounted shelf by following the measurements and markings on the wall correctly. In this regard, it should be noted that the installation depends on the type of fixation of the shelf in question. So, for example, to install a wall shelf with a bracket or a model on cleats, you need to drill holes in the wall, and then use screws and dowels to attach the brackets (brackets). However, it is also possible to install your shelf on the wall without any drilling work, by opting for models with invisible fixings. Hanging or magically installed on your wall with glue, paste or tape, a wall shelf with invisible fasteners has everything you need to add more cachet, elegance and aesthetics to your home's interior decoration.