The staircase is part of the key element of the interior of the house but often we forgot to give it a makeover. Make the staircase an object of decoration by customizing it. Here are some ideas to easily customize the stairs. It's up to you.

Repaint the staircase

To give your staircase a makeover, you can repaint it with an original paint or simply use white to modernize the look. Another option is to create a pattern on the wall. To accentuate the effect, choose a bright color. You can also repaint your stairs using several techniques. Paint the staircase with a solid color or with geometric or gradient patterns. It is up to you to choose the style you want and the atmosphere you want. For patterns, you can use wallpaper scraps or stickers. You can easily install patterns on the risers.  You can salvage wallpapers stored in your garage. Instead of throwing them in the garbage, use them to customize a staircase. In the same vein, recycle stickers to decorate stair treads.  To make graphic patterns on your staircase steps, paint adhesive paper in different colors.

Personalize your staircase

If there is space running along your staircase, you can hang your best photos or favorite artwork. Make the most of the space available under the stairs to install furniture. At each step of the staircase, opt for a lighting system or install sconces on the wall to light up your staircase. You can also paint the top of each step and the handrail the same color. Or choose to cover your stairs with carpeting, which is becoming trendy.

Change the railing

You can choose between a classic railing or a more contemporary railing. It is a frame fixed from the floor to the ceiling.  There are also railing kits sold ready-made with different posts. You can also buy steel posts or install steel cables between the posts. Steel cables placed horizontally are dangerous for children. You can also install ropes on the side of the wall to keep children safe. To hide steps that are damaged, install a stair runner. It is a kind of long carpet. There is no shortage of ideas to customize a staircase at low cost, but it is not always easy to achieve