You have in mind to make some changes in your apartment but some measures still prevent you from taking the plunge, such as the lack of inspiration, doubts about the concrete budget to allocate for it or simply the feasibility of what you plan to accomplish.  Some renovations don't require major work, but calling in professionals can be a great help, especially if the space you have available is limited. Why then it is more sensible to carry out renovation works of your apartment with an architect specialized in small surfaces and apartments?

What is an interior designer?

In a general sense, an interior designer is a person who designs and arranges interior spaces to make them functional, aesthetic but also friendly and comfortable. Whether it is for a house, an apartment, a store, a restaurant, etc., an interior designer plays with all aspects of the space where he/she works. He must also take into account the materials and furniture to be used, but also the budgetary constraints of his client and the various technical concerns that may arise, because unlike an interior decorator who can in no way touch the foundations or supporting walls, an interior architect has the possibility to knock down walls for example and create other openings. For small spaces, an architect specialized in lofts has the ability to judge at first sight the premises of what he could undertake and propose to his clients. The interior architects for apartment have the art to have a widened and cognitive vision of the interior environment which surrounds it to make it ideal and good to live.

Preliminary studies of your project

Before moving on to the renovation of your apartment, an architect for a small apartment must make a model or a sketch of what you have in mind. He must verify the feasibility of your project in relation to the allocated space. Technical studies of the structure of your apartment will be essential, in order to bring out the luminosities and to play on the various frames. He must also take care of the different administrative procedures because some works require special authorizations. According to your requests and your budget, he can present several suggestions that can bring out all the possibilities offered by your home. With technology, it is possible to make a 3D projection of the rendering so that you can have a concrete vision of what your apartment will be. You can then make changes to the plan or suggest other proposals before the launch. After that and your choice defined, the work can begin.

Launching the renovation work

After the sketches, the renovation of your architect apartment is undertaken by professional workers. An interior architect can work in collaboration with a house architect for the major works and call upon a decorator for the choice of furniture. But in short, having studied art, architecture and design, he can coordinate himself the arrangement between the different materials used and the shades of colors without calling for external help. In some redesigns, the work can take several weeks. It is then ideal to plan a temporary living space in advance. In the end, an architect's apartment or loft is an open space, making the most of the sun's natural light, and using every available space with great care for an ideal layout. The furnishings and decorations are in total harmony with each area of the apartment.

The assurance of "things well done"

Calling on an interior architect is the guarantee of the reliability of your renovation work. Whether it is to have a new kitchen or a new bathroom, passing by a common living space, everything is possible to an interior architect to totally transform your apartment.  Indeed you will not have to worry about anything, from the model until the end of the work. You will find your apartment totally different and more convivial than ever. If you also have a future project of sale, an apartment redone by an architect is likely to find a buyer quickly. You will not have any bad surprises. It is possible to search for the architect in your area directly online and also to make a comparison of the various services and prices offered. However, before launching your project, you will have to define beforehand the budget that you want to put, to have a small base of what you plan to make so that the space designer can quickly evaluate the extent of the works to be made. With the help of an architect, your renovation work will be in good hands with a guarantee of satisfaction and the amount you have invested will be well worth it.