Renovation & Decoration of your interiors


Functional planning consists of personalising an interior by finding solutions to problems such as floor covering, choice of colours for the wall, purchase of furniture, decorative accessories… To embellish a room, you can change the colour, add furniture and decorative objects.

Interior design experts can assess the design and style that best suits the client’s expectations. This study takes into account the lifestyle and budget of the client, more on


Bookcases, coffee tables, cupboards, sideboards, TV tables, sofas, armchairs…

Colours & materials

Discover the latest decoration trends, colours and materials.


To improve the decoration of your home, don’t neglect the light.

Decorative objects

Bring more character, style and personality to an interior by adding decorative objects.


The interior designer can transform the atmosphere of a home without necessarily resorting to a complex and time-consuming building site. Interior coaching, also known as interior relooking, enhances a room without having to carry out expensive work.

To have a living space that is as practical as it is pleasant, it is sometimes enough to rearrange the furniture, to harmonise and reorganise the interior. You can also find inspiration online.

The role of the interior designer is to combine furniture and decorative objects to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere. He or she highlights the furniture and objects by placing them in the best places in the house.

Before starting your renovation projects, think about home staging, which is a process aimed at optimising real estate sales. The objective of home staging is to condition the mindset of potential buyers when they visit the house for sale.

The staging method has many advantages. It speeds up the duration of a property sale. In fact, this interior renovation work allows an average sale time of 19.5 days.

Home staging involves several techniques, including depersonalisation of the property for sale. After removing the seller’s personal items from each room, the home stager de-clutters the property, cleans, restyles and refreshes the various rooms in the house.





Get a vintage style decoration by shopping at garage sales and flea markets. The luckiest nostalgics can find rare items by rummaging through family storage rooms.

To get a retro feel for your home, you’ll need to assemble and salvage items from the 1950s to 1980s. Go to an antique shop or a modern decorating shop, as some stores offer to renovate certain pieces of furniture with a retro look.

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